Do you feel at ease in every speaking situation?

How confident are you when introducing yourself, describing what you do, or asking for a sale? Are you missing business opportunities out of fear, or because you’re not able to connect with your target audience when you speak to them?

Helen has the solution.

Here is a reason to get excited!

You have something to say that is important and deserves to be communicated in a CONFIDENT, POWERFUL, and even LUCRATIVE way. Up until now, you have succumbed to nerves, self-doubt, and fear that keep your authentic voice from being heard. It's also possible that your voice itself could be undermining your efforts.

What you'll learn:

  • Make a Positive Impact

    Control and project the sound of your voice to make a positive impact when you speak.

  • Build Meaningful Connections

    Confidently introduce yourself at events in an engaging and memorable way.

  • Leverage Your Voice

    Leverage your voice as your #1 (and free) sales and marketing POWER TOOL and position yourself for increased income.

Course Curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to the course!

    • Welcome Message

    • What to expect

    • What do you want your voice to communicate about you?

  • 02


    • Introduction

    • Standing

    • Sitting

  • 03


    • Introduction

    • Mechanics for voice projection

    • Benefits

  • 04

    Good Speaking Energy

    • Mindset

    • Intentions to connect

    • It's contagious

  • 05

    Warming Up

    • Introduction

    • Body

    • Face

    • Mouth

    • Voice

    • Singing

  • 06

    Speaking in 3-D™

    • Volume

    • Pitch

    • Rate

    • Speak with E's

    • Avoid upspeak

  • 07

    Vocal Quality

    • Introduction

    • Vocal hygiene

    • Pleasant tone

    • Resonance/ Nasality

    • Forward placement

    • Avoid vocal fry

  • 08

    Avoid Distracting Filler Words

    • Awareness

    • Avoidance

    • Acceptance

  • 09

    Speak in Alignment

    • Align your body, face and voice

  • 10

    Next Steps...

    • Good Bye

    • Resources For You

    • One More Resource Before You Go! Voicemail Greeting Guide

    • Progress over perfection: watch Helen's out-take videos

Helen Moses

Your Voice & Messaging Coach

Helen Moses, Your Voice and Messaging Coach, founded Command Communication, PLLC in 2013. Her clients benefit from her 30 years of extensive training and experience as a singer, speech-language pathologist, Distinguished Toastmaster, and state leader with Toastmasters International. Helen holds a bachelor’s degree in vocal performance from Rhodes College and a master’s degree in speech-language pathology from East Carolina University. She directed a children’s choir for 12 years and has been a choir member and featured soloist for over 35 years. She is an accomplished public speaker and facilitator and has been the speaker coach for TEDx Raleigh in 2017 and 2018. A sought-out speaker and coach who has spoken to Fortune 1000 companies, Helen helps her audiences and clients change their lives through speaking-up and speaking to connect – every time they talk – whether on stages, in the board room, on the phone, in video, or in difficult conversations. Helen’s mission is to help her clients use their voices to their fullest potential through a coaching experience that is customized, safe, high-energy, results-oriented, and fun! She is known as the go-to expert to help you increase your impact by Making Your Voice Mean Business!™ Helping others achieve success through excellent communication is what Helen believes is her life’s calling.

Helen Moses

Voice & Messaging Coach

Hear from some of the professionals I’ve impacted

“Helen is a brilliant speaker! Fun, funny, engaging, inspiring and always leaves me wanting more.”

Life Mastery Consultant, Speaker, Author

Tracy Beerman

“Helen has a fantastic ability to 'clear the clutter' from your communication so you can impact the world more powerfully -- and enjoy the experience of learning, and implementing what you learn!”

Author, Less Clutter, More Life

Barbara Hemphill

“Helen naturally connects with audience members, makes us feel comfortable and primes us to step out of our comfort zone.”

Presentation Consultant, Speaker

Wendy Gates Corbett

Course Price

Video Review Session $99.00

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Create a 5-minute video and receive personalized feedback from Helen.

1:1 Coaching Session $299

Take your speaking up another notch

Your voice is the vehicle to connect you and your message from point A (your mouth) to point B (your listener's heart). Work with Helen one-on-one in a virtual coaching session to enhance your speaking and communication skills. This option is ideal if you want to find and own your voice, gain confidence in public speaking, effectively tell your story, polish a presentation, practice for an interview, prepare for a difficult conversation, or sharpen your message. 1:1 Coaching Sessions with Helen include a complimentary Video Review Session, listed above.